The Search for Truth

The Search for Truth is the third installment of the Erec Rex series, published in 2009.

Synopsis Edit

In book 3 of the Erec Rex series, Erec is faced with even more daunting tasks, choices, and dangers. Not only does the latest contest to become king appear to be a suicide mission, but it means more than just winning the crown of Alympium; if Erec doesn't succeed, then Upper Earth could disappear forever. So Erec must set out to retrieve the five Awen from their mystical hiding places and unite them, a herculean undertaking that has laid waster to all those who have attempted it. Before this can be completed, Erec will have to put a great friend in mortal danger and decide if that friend's life is worth the survival of Upper Earth. To succeed, he must face iner battles, passions, friendships, deadly missions, and daring risks in this breathtaking adventure.

Trivia Edit

- In the chapter Ugry's Advice, instead of it saying Ugry at the bottom of the page, it says Urgy.

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