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Oscar is Jack's friend. They met Erec and Bethany at the train station. Oscar has a knack for knowing when something's valuable, so Oscar wanted to see the seeing eyeglasses Erec had on at the time. In the contests to become king, Oscar had lost. He was afraid of what his father would think of him.

The Monsters of OthernessEdit

In the second book, Oscar had a new magic tutor. A alligator-like man named Rosco Kroc, who seemed to know the future. He learned quickly, and soon did not require a remote, which made Erec quite jealous. However, it was later revealed that Rosco had kidnapped Erec's brother and sister, Danny and Sammy. They were saved, but Rosco had escaped. When Oscar learned this, he was beside himself with sadness. And anger. He vowed to take his revenge, someday.

The Search for TruthEdit

In the third book, Rosco had killed Oscar's father, and Oscar became obsessed with revenge. Bethany tried comforting him, and almost revealed her secret. That she may have held the key to the Final Magic. But she was stopped by Erec, just in time. Erec seemed to realize, whatever they told Oscar, Baskania would know. Oscar said he was innocent, and he was! They thought he might have his mind linked to Baskania. Oscar had to send snail mails to keep in contact from that point on.

The Three FuriesEdit

In the fourth book, Oscar spied on Baskania, but Baskania knew about it. Baskania even offered Oscar a job, and pretended to understand Oscar. Oscar was made to believe Erec and co. were the evil ones, with fake letters. Oscar decided to use the Nokivov Time Bender to seek revenge on Rosco when he was Oscar's age, throwing his life away, as he could not come back.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  1. Magic- Oscar is able to do magic without a remote control.
  1. Valuable Object Identification- Oscar's magic gift is that he can tell if an object is valuable.

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