Melody is a timid girl from Alypium. Bethany met her during the contests to be king or queen.


The Dragon's EyeEdit

Bethany met Melody during the contests. Melody worked hard, but was eliminated from the contests.

The Monsters of OthernessEdit

Melody played a more minor role in "The Monsters of Otherness". She mostly trained with her magic tutor.

The Search for TruthEdit

In Erec's quest to find the five awen, she went along with Bethany, Jack, and Jam, to help Erec find and secure the awen. Melody had volunteered to hold the Awen of Creation, which caused things around her to break, causing small magnitudes of sorts, and other destructive events to occur. everything went to normal after the Awen had been buried though.

The Three FuriesEdit

When Bethany is captured by the Shadow Prince, Melody decides to join Erec, Jack, Jam, Griffin, and Kyron in a heroic rescue to Baskania's fortress in Jakarta. Melody's acute ability to make music using her various limbs and/or other body parts came in handy to calm the creatures that came after them. She was captured with Jam and Jack by Baskania's guards though. Luckily, Griffin, Erec, and Kyron busted them out, recovering an alarm clock, and even Bethany on the way.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Melody can make beautiful music by using her body. The sounds can calm animals, and is loved by all.