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Vital statistics
Title Aoquesth
Gender Male
Race Dragons
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Status Dead
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Aoquesth is the dragon that King Piter got to protect his eye so that Erec could have it. He protected it for 10 years killing almost everyone that tried to get it. Almost even Spartacus Kilroy, who's cape now hangs in his cave.

When people enter his cave, he gives them a riddle, which if they answer correctly, he will let them go. If they answer wrong, he kills them. This was no exception with Erec, when he tried to obtain the eye. However, seeing that it was indeed Erec, he gave him an easy riddle. He also played chess with Erec promising that if he beat him, he would answer one question for him.

After Erec obtained the eye, Aoquesth started to relax after doing his duty, but Erec needed his help to locate the missing dragon hatchlings. After locating them in Trollebotten Cave, he helps Erec in the Monster Bash Battle, were Aoquesth meets his tragic fate. Killed by Baskania's black dagger spell. Before passing, he is able to pass on his other eye to Erec.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  1. Flight- Aoquesth can use his wings to fly.
  2. Fire Breathe- Aoquesth can breathe fire.
  3. Substance Sight- Using his dragon eyes, Aoquesth can see the Substance around him.
  4. Future Sight- Using his dragon eyes, Aoquesth can see into the future.
  5. Nevervarld Portal Creation- Aoquesth can use his dragon eyes to tear a hole in the Substance, which then allows him or someone or something else to travel to the Nevervarld.
  6. Magic Resistance- Aoquesth has a strong resistance to being harmed by magic but he can still be killed by a death blade.